You’ll forever have the skill to understand astrological cycles and how they affect individuals

This is for those who love astrology forecasts and horoscopes. It’s for those who want to get to know themselves (and others) on a deeper level. This course teaches how to create and interpret astrological birth charts (also known as Star Charts).

This online course is designed to give you a practical understanding of astrology which you can apply to your individual life.

Students of this course will learn how to give themselves readings, interpret daily energies and have a deeper understanding of others.

This is a 4 lesson, work at your own pace, online course. 

Each lesson include a PDF guidebook and a pre recorded video classes. Student's have the option of joining a private facebook community where they can ask questions at anytime.

The Art of Astrology Online Academy

My gift to you! The Universe is waiting...

Let's make sense of the Universe...

The current astrological energies are ridiculously relevant and can bring clarity into our lives amidst the chaos. 

Receive current energy updates and always be in tune with the planetary shifts.