An Editor Who “Gets It”

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

As I was writing my manuscript I would worry about the editing process. I was nervous that I would 1) not be able to find an editor and 2) that an editor would not “get” where I was coming from. 

As someone who likes to be in control it was really uncomfortable to imagine handing over my draft to someone else.

One particular area that I was concerned about was Black Moon Lilith’s. She represents the primal force of creation and when writing her chapter I really “went there”. My fear was that an editor would read this particular section and want to tone it down, when really Lilith’s energy is about cranking it all the way up.

I would always read the acknowledgement sections at the end of books and see authors thanking their editors. I would literally wish to the Universe that I could find this kind of connection with someone. I honestly had no idea where to start or where to look. Luckily, I synchronistically came across The Self Publishing Agency (which is a whole amazing story for an upcoming day) and through them connected with my editor Kelsey. 

We met in person in Vancouver and I basically spilled it all. I shared who I was and what I was setting out to do. The whole time i could tell Kelsey was captivated and “getting it”. 

We were scrolling through my draft so I could show Kelsey the sections and when she saw the Heading “Black Moon Lilith” she said, “ooooo I like that name!”. I expressed how that was actually a great sign because this was the section I was nervous about. 

Kelsey was right there with me and I could literally FEEL Lilith in that coffee shop with us. I figured I needed to know where Black Moon Lilith fell in her chart. Of course it was Scorpio, right by my moon sign. Plus Kelsey’s Lilith was in the 3rd house, the area of communication and words. I knew there was probably no better placement for someone to edit my book after seeing Kelsey’s chart.

That feeling was confirmed when I later discovered and read Kelsey’s book titled, “All This While F*cking: Sex, Self, and Social Stigma in the Modern Age”


"All This While F*cking” is a true account of the three years the author spent living in Brooklyn and dating, compulsively, off Tinder. In the process of meeting and sleeping with an impressive diversity of strangers - approximately 200 dates, 100 one-night stands, and 1000s of joints - she was ultimately forced to meet and go to bed with herself – first on the page, and then in practice. The uncensored stories open the door to an array of personal and mental health issues that crack the spine on the corresponding cultural implications for the millennial generation. There are things we don’t talk about, but this book speaks openly and honestly re: those stigmas and secrets.”


For those of you who are aware of Lilith’s energy, then you know it doesn’t get much more “Lilith screaming from the rooftops” than this. I knew not only would Kelsey be helping to bring Lilith’s voice into the world through editing my book, but that she was already doing it through hers. For those of you who don’t know anything about Lilith, I am so excited for you to read this chapter. And for those of you who do, I am equally excited because she has gotten a bad wrap, she’s not what we hear and Analogies, Energies and Celestial Bodies truly captures Black Moon Lilith’s kick ass essence. 



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