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Astrology IS Relevant

Today's story from behind the scene of Analogies, Energies & Celestial Bodies is for anyone who has watched one too many online marketing funnel webinars.
I am determined and focused on spreading the message of this book with the world, because I have seen how this awareness has brought a clarity to my own life and the changing times on the planet. That being said I really don't like being salesy.
Which is why working with Megan from The Self Publishing Agency, 
has been an absolute game changer. She helped me reframe my message and what I will be sharing.
Astrology is relevant. It's something we all can learn from and expand alongside. It's not that the planet's are doing anything to us, but they are currents of energy that are flowing all around us. Knowing these currents and understanding the cycles is a game changer and I'm excited to have you along for this ride.
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If you want to connect with Megan and find out more about the opportunities she offers, email [email protected] (this is not paid promotion I just genuinely love them and want to share their magic). 


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