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Bringing Energized Versions of Ourselves Down-to-Earth

...let's synthesize with the changing times. 

When I started writing this book back in 2013 I knew that Astrology was a powerful tool. I had seen areas of my life transform and received clarity through some of the most challenging times of my life. I knew this wasn't just some fluffy party trick or something to distract us from the reality of life on Earth. I knew it was a way to bridge the physical and non physical aspects of life.

But, I wasn't brave enough to connect the dots. I wasn't ready to make a claim that having an awareness of these cycles really can make a huge difference in our lives and the collective. I felt like my job was to keep it abstract and let those listening make their own judgements.  I didn't want to spell it out for anyone; although it was all very clear to me how connected we are to these unfolding patterns. 

In Analogies, Energies & Celestial Bodies I've found the courage to go there. I'm really not worried about convincing or selling anyone on my ideas and I do not care if someone chooses not to believe in it. 

I am here for those who feel a connection to the cosmos. For those who look up at the Moon shining in all her glory and feel that there's more to this life than our physical senses. 

Through the process of writing, editing and adding to this book the dots began connecting themselves. In the book I talk about cycles throughout history, influential individuals who embody the energies, current cycles and what's to come. I do this all with an openness and invitation for you to make what you want of it. You can read the book as fact or fiction, it's entirely up to you. Either way it'll be an entertaining read.

I don't have the answers, but I've got something to share.

I'm here for those who want to bring energized versions of themselves down-to-Earth in order to synthesize with the changing times. 

Analogies, Energies & Celestial Bodies is a package of what I have learned when it comes to the cosmos and this content has helped me to do better on Earth. 

When we know better, we can do better. I can't wait for you to read it.

Analogies, Energies & Celestial Bodies launches on Amazon on March 20 (which is the Equinox and the start of the astrological year).
If you order through Amazon on launch date I have some special gifts for you...
These include a hand written message from me based on your star chart + a bookmark with your sun/moon/rising sign on it + an invite to my online launch party.
For all the details about how to receive these gifts get on this list in the comments below 






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