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Reclaiming the Rejected

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

I was working for an organization unrelated to astrology at a conference, it was an energy psychology conference and I was pretty nervous about being around professionals. When I walked into the room the first table I saw setup was an astrologer and the word “MOON” was staring right at me. It was a good sign. 

Later in the conference I was talking to this astrologer, we were having an awesome conversation which usually happens when both people are fluent in the language of astrology (another reason why my goal is for everyone to know this language because then we can all talk about it!). He didn’t know much about Lilith, and of course I was pumped to bring her into the mix. When he found out I was writing a book, he said “Lilith is what you have got to write about!”. When I got home her chapter poured out of me, and it really is one of my favourite sections in the book.

In my mind Lilith is the powerful force of creation herself, that’s been locked away. However now, given the energetic climate, her cage is open, the door is waiting for her to walk through it. But of course years of being pushed away can take their toll and can make this energy uncomfortable to unleash. 

In my experience talking about this energy is a celebration in itself, I want everyone to know the cage is open and they can expand beyond limitations, but I know that is a process each person will embark on their own and in their own time. In my chart, Black Moon Lilith is in Sagittarius exactly conjunt my midheaven. Sagittarius energy is optimistic, excited and seeking expansion. It wants to share and has a lot to say. The Midheaven has to do with our life’s work and legacy we share with the world. Based on my chart I can interpret my Black Moon Lilith energy as a flame that can be shared to the world, hopefully warming someone up and lighting more fires along the way.

It’s cool how things come together, because if I had not met that astrologer at that conference, I may not have written about Black Moon Lilith. But I met him and the words came pouring out. Later looking at my chart I came to understand that THIS is a huge part of why I am here. To give her energy a new, heartwarming spin. One that doesn’t portray fear or anguish but instead offers hope and excitement during these changing times. 

The past couple days sharing these stories has had me on a Lilith kick and I found a video from one of my favs, Kaypacha, where he shares his take on Black Moon Lilith:

“This is the time of the return of Lilith, this is the re-emerging feminine time. It’s the time for the rejected parts of ourselves to be owned, to be accepted and to be loved. And then Lilith becomes the revolution, she becomes the champion. She becomes the leader of the new, bringing in the new way of being”.

Anyone else feeling this?! 

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Everyday until launch on the Equinox, March 20, of my new book I will be sharing a story about the creative process because some of the stories that brought this book to life as *almost* as good as the book itself! 



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