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Standing in Solidarity and the Changes That Come With It

For those who have been following my work, I hope it is clear that dismantling the systems of oppression that exists on planet Earth is a priority and commitment I have made. From Barbara Marciniak’s book, Bringers of the Dawn, I resonate with the term “system buster”. This is described as individuals who do not vibrate in tandem with the controlled frequencies of Earth. There are millions of system busters out there, and chances are if you are reading these words you’re one too.

Our energies are like round pegs that the establishments want to force into square holes. But we just don’t fit, and instead of fighting that fact, we can create new structures that support the shape of who we are. We are not here to fit into what was, we are here to become aware of where we are not fitting, and then make a move towards new spaces.

Although I have been speaking to the changes of the systems through an astrological lens for years, I have not made a public statement regarding the protests against police brutality and racism that are currently unfolding. This is my statement that the systems must change and that I am here to labour these changes. I am thrilled to see so many waking up and speaking out. I am especially blown away by the passion coming from younger generations and I am excited to support them as we together transform many facets of Earth.

I stand in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en Nation and their fight against the colonial oppressive forces that are the Canadian Government, and resource extraction companies such as Coastal Gas Link. I stand in solidarity with the demand for justice for missing and murdered indigenous women and youth. I stand in solidarity with the Earth and her defenders. I am here to bust the system and I am willing to use my position of privilege as a platform.

This is where I have been doing work behind the scenes of social media. I am realizing that these systems disrespect our right to be alive as sovereign beings. I realize that many face massive barriers I will never experience or understand. I am here and willing to amplify those stores so they can be heard. I am privileged and the odds of the game of life are in my favour. 

As my platforms and the distribution channels of my work shift, I wanted to let you know that I am open and eager to work with others who feel aligned with the natural justice that is the right of every man and women of the living soil. As I shift the communities I interact with I am excited for the new circles that will be formed. I am so thankful that you are here reading these words. I am here for humanity. I am here to learn. I am open for discussions and suggestions. Mostly I am excited for where this is all heading, because the astrology of the rest of 2020 along with the years to come are marking a pivotal point. We have changed lanes. Some are going to stay in the old lanes and all we can do now is respect ourselves enough to leave them behind.

Beyond any astrological transits, I feel a fire within me. I feel a call to action. I am here answering that. I will continue to unlearn, re-learn and readapt. I am thankful that you have taken the time to read these words and are here at this moment in time. There is an epic evolution occurring on the stage that is planet Earth and each of you are key players. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for cultivating an energetic awareness and synthesizing with the changing times. It’s all happening now.


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