Where it Began

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

The idea for this book came to me on my first visit to California. I had been in University in Canada and once I graduated I travelled to visit some friends I had made online through an astrology community. One of those friends said to me, “I feel like you have to write a thesis. There’s something about you putting everything you know together and sharing it”. At the time I was really wanting to write a book and this added to my excitement. 

Within a couple days of hearing this validation and encouragement to write I book I was sitting at the ocean with pen and paper in hand tuning into what ideas I wanted to share. Everything that started pouring out of me had to do with the life changing transits the world was experiencing and would keep experiencing for at least a decade. 

I knew I wanted to write about the current astrological events, and I felt that they were a key to understanding our world and how to collectively transform it. 

Here we are, nearly 7 years later and it’s time for the world to read it. Not only does this book aim to give context to our paradigm shifting times, it intends to give readers all the tools to understand themselves, so they can be a force of change in the world. 

I’ll be back in Southern California for the launch, and it really feels full circle to bring the book into the world, in the same geographical location where it all began. 

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