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Connecting the Dots

I am pretty lucky to have built some powerful connections throughout my life but it always amazes me at the timing of things. Sarah Lloyd, Indigo Soul PR, is not only a friend but is now a key player in the process of sharing Analogies, Energies & Celestial Bodies with the world. 

Her new book, Connecting The Dots: Making Magic with the Media - Up level your Brand on your terms, has been nothing short of an answered prayer. Like I’ve shared in a recent post, I am currently planning and embarking on a media tour to share my message: that astrology IS relevant. To say I was overwhelmed by this new endeavour into PR is an understatement, but in true magical fashion Sarah’s book has lifted my fears and ignited my passion.

This book is for anyone and everyone. Sarah shares her story and her vast expanse of knowledge. She offers reflections and prompts that have been games changing for me. I now see myself and my work through a whole new lens. After reading...

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