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Shannon shares articles that connect the dots between cosmic cycles and what's happening on Earth. Gone are the days of wishing for change, it's time to live it. 

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Press Release: Local Author Shooting for the Stars with Bestselling...

Jun 24, 2020

Standing in Solidarity and the Changes That Come With It

Jun 12, 2020

Full Moon Cover Creation

Mar 09, 2020

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"I have studied and practiced astrology and medical astrology and have ready many books on the subject. This book is unlike any other that I have read. This book is easy to read, flows like a conversation and allows the reader to tap into the energy the planets and zodiac have on our daily life. A must read for any new or experienced astrologer!" ~ Emma R 

"Shannon is uniquely talented, and once you’ve experienced a little of what she has to offer, you’ll be instantly hooked. She has a way of touching your soul through her down-to-earth style. Not only will you learn about yourself, you’ll learn about the collective energies that guide all of us. It’s like finding that missing puzzle piece that you’ve been looking for, and realizing it’s been in your pocket this entire time. Thank you, Shannon, for bringing light, understanding, and for sharing your gifts with the world." ~ Mathew H

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