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Stay in tune with the celestial cycles.

Analogies to help make sense of the Universe sent directly to your inbox. Feeling connected is more important than ever before. These emails aim to do just that, they're like a virtual hug.

Let's make sense of the Universe...

The current astrological energies are ridiculously relevant and can bring clarity into our lives amidst the chaos. 

We all know there are limits on social media, we all know content is manipulated/curated based on marketing and big business, we all know our privacy is effected. 

Here's a relevant exert regarding Pluto in Capricorn's transit of 2008-2023 from my new book, Analogies, Energies & Celestial Bodies...

"Can we see that Earth’s infrastructure is transforming? Can we see that the rules of the game are changing? Can we see the inefficiencies in how we organize? Can we see a problem with our leaders? Are hard truths not emerging regarding the leaders, systems, and power structures on Earth right now? Has information not surfaced since 2008 that has changed our minds about how things are run on Earth? Have these facts not made it obvious that there is a need to rebuild how we organize and take charge? Has this information been intense? Yes. Has it rocked us in our core? Probably. Has it called for transformation? We all need to ask that of ourselves." 

I've asked myself this question and the answer for me is to transform how I connect with my audience.

I am excited to foster a community outside of social media, I love social media, but I see some problems with the leaders, the rules and the intentions. This is why I am excited to have you as part of this Virtual Hug.

I'll send an email approximately once a week (sometimes less, never more). I'm moving #currentenergieswithshannon away from social media, to the privacy of our inboxes and I am grateful you've welcomed me to your space. Here's to connecting and creating!

Receive Current Energy Updates
"In the process of nurturing an intuitive understanding of the world above us, we become artists of ourselves. We learn to make masterpieces of who we are, and then dedicate our energy to the collective". 
-Analogies, Energies and Celestial Bodies
by Shannon Hugman

"Shannon so beautifully integrates the physical and non-physical aspects of the human experience, inviting us to fluidly embrace what is overtly experienced and what is subtly sensed. Her work is medicine for our time, inspiring deeper reflection and intentional action in service to the collective".

-Arianna Opper, DO, American Academy of Mind-Body Healing®

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